Travelling to Canada

Canada has its border with United States of America and the majority of Canadian tourists are people of America. The major tourist attractions are the spring festivals in the Nova Scotia and Okanagan valley that are in British Columbia. You will also come across the Ottawa Spring festival and also the exhibition in Calgary.

The ones who travel to Canada can also have fun in the Wine festival in Ontario. The Toronto city is host to the important element of the Niagara Falls. It is also referred to the Horseshoe Falls because it contains a cradle that is horse shoe where the water generally falls. One more sightseeing place in Toronto that travellers need not miss is the Georgian Bay. It is a wonderful waterscape and it has pine filled islands.


Ontario has some of the best 200 provincial parks and it is known as the Algonquin Park. There are many tourist spots namely Quetico provincial park, Lake Superior and the Kakabeka falls. This is another great article on the topic. 

The Canadian travellers will see the snow-capped mountains Mount Begbie that can be found in the major provinces of Canada that is British Columbia. The British Columbia provides Canadian travellers some of the finest experiences in fishing, canoeing in the world.
Quebec that is known as a place where the river generally narrows gives Canadian travellers a blend of new and old. Travellers have the option to go to the French designed Chateau Frontenac hotel. This hotel is in Quebec district where whales meet at Saguenay Fjord.

Travellers can have fun in fishing in the villages of New Brunswick. Then there is the island of Newfoundland that provides the travellers some of the finest music entertainment. It has the nation’s beautiful landscape with nice flat peaks and lakes with glaciers that are in the Gros Morne national park.

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